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  • Achieving success in one key area shouldn’t cost you every other area of life.
    Dare to be your best!

    We live in such a fast paced world these days and it’s easy to lose sight of what’s really important. The sad fact is that many are realising too late that whilst they were busy making a living... they missed their life!

    BTSQ 4 Steps is a program designed specifically to deliver the balance and success you desire in your life.

    In this interactive and empowering Program you will discover and create...

    Your perfect future

    The key influences in your life

    A thinking system that delivers clarity to all aspects of your life

    The key areas to focus on to bring about the success you desire

    A blueprint for your success

    Know the specific actions you will need to take to make it a reality

    Would you like to discuss your success?Discover a powerful thinking system to assist you for life

    Have an accountability process designed specifically to keep you on track

  • A blend of knowledge, tools, training and coaching designed to assist participants discover and develop their Authentic Leader within.

    BTSQ Leader is a 10 month talent development program which utilises proven methodologies and coaching to educate and empower participants.

    The purpose of the program is to assist the participants discover their authentic leadership style, whilst empowering them with the knowledge and tools they will need to be effective. This is achieved through a series of monthly, group and individual coaching sessions, where participants explore the three major components of this program…

    Management and Leadership Theory

    Would you like to discuss your success?Manage and Lead Yourself

    Manage and Lead Your Team

  • Long lasting success is built on a solid foundation.
    Personal responsibility and self-motivation is the foundation we lay here.

    In an ideal world, employees would be self-motivated, self-disciplined and effective in their day-to-day roles, along with positively contributing to the organisation’s objectives, both commercial and cultural. 90 Days has been designed specifically to address these objectives and provide participants with the knowledge, tools and coaching support to have these desired behaviours become a reality in their day-to-day roles.

    Program Objectives

    To assist participants recognise the key elements that are critical to Personal Effectiveness

    To provide knowledge; tools and coaching support to assist participants assimilate these key behaviours into their day-to-day roles and lives

    Would you like to discuss your success?To encourage the development of habitual routines related to the knowledge and tools within the program to deliver significant improvement in performance by the participant in their work and life.

  • Recognised internationally as the foremost integrated work-based assessment system to enable the development of high performance in the workplace.

    “The Team Management Profile is a powerful self-analysis tool, a mirror that allows groups and individuals to self-assess without threat. It provides a window that encourages people to recognise the value of differences in work preferences and approaches.” - Paul Macklin, Amazing People.

    Assigning the wrong person to a task, ignoring important tasks or failing to resolve conflict can have costly consequences. The Team Management Profile is a personalised report, which gives individuals valuable insights into the way they prefer to work and their preferred role within a team. This feedback will help to improve team processes and performance, which will in turn improve motivation and job satisfaction.

    TMP provides a practical model for effective teamwork in any context;

    Gives an overview of how balanced the team is

    Promotes mutual understanding and respect

    Provides an opportunity for more open communication

    Gives guidance for personal and career development

    Highlights the importance of understanding and managing diversity

    Would you like to discuss your success?Gives insights into how to resolve conflict

    Provides a complete approach to building and maintaining balanced, high-energy teams

BTSQ Clients Feedback

Luke & Eliza Balcke - LPM

"Words can’t express our gratitude for all you have done for us over the last three years. We are wiser, smarter, stronger and motivated because of you. Thank you for your support and inspiration."

John Cross - FFA PaySmart

“Mark is a brilliant facilitator, constantly encouraging us to set our own agenda. He’s objective and a real asset to our business, and most importantly, he’s accessible.”

Andrew Williams - Runge

“Mark has a unique depth of clarity in his thinking, a man of impeccable ethics and a deep desire to help those around him achieve all they wish for. Mark will readily share his considerable wisdom and his meaningful grasp of philosophies. His depth of understanding of the make-up of a ‘whole person’ and how they apply themselves to the world around them makes Mark a fantastic mentor and business coach.”

Bill Grant - Former CEO South Bank Corporation

“Business Thinking System’s contribution was outstanding. People like Mark – he’s the best-received guy we’ve ever had.”






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